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Are you looking for laundry strips so you can wash your clothes in a sustainable way? With the plastic-free laundry strips from The Good Brand, you can contribute to a more sustainable world. Besides durability, laundry strips offer benefits in other areas. They are compact, light and easy to use. You can easily order the eco laundry strips online in the webshop. What are you waiting for?

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Sustainable washing with eco laundry strips

Discover the new way to wash with laundry strips from The Good Brand. You can’t ignore it anymore, everywhere you see new ways to deal with your daily activities in a more sustainable way. he Good Brand wants to contribute to this with its premium quality, eco laundry strips. These are completely plastic-free and reduce CO2 emissions. Easy to use in your washing machine for a clean and fresh wash without using too much water.

Laundry strips for your washing machine

That we love our planet is reflected in our wash strips. But how does it work? The laundry strips do not contain any unnecessary water. This reduces fuel use and resulting carbon emissions by as much as 94%. At The Good Brand, we also consider the animals on our planet. Still, unlike cosmetics, animal testing is allowed to test cleaning products. Completely unnecessary and absurd. The Good Brand products are not tested on animals and are vegan.

How do I use the laundry strips?

A child can do the laundry! Indeed … it’s that easy to spin a load of laundry with The Good Brand’s laundry strips. Just tear off a strip along the serrated edge. Place the strip on the laundry in the washing machine drum and off you go! We recommend 1 strip for 5kg of laundry. Is your laundry very dirty? Then use a whole sheet (2 strips). The strips are suitable for any kind of laundry. From machine and hand wash to white, dark and colored laundry.


Laundry strips for your washing machine

Laundry strips are ideal for keeping your clothes clean and fresh. Like other detergent products, they can simply be used in your washing machine or for a hand wash. In addition, laundry strips are lighter than a traditional bottle of detergent and prevent messes. Order laundry strips from The Good Brand and do laundry feeling good.

Ingredients of the laundry strips

The eco wash strips are free of parabens, phosphates and dyes. Only pure ingredients have been used in the production of the wash strips. The cardboard and bag of the packaging are also plastic-free and biodegradable. These can safely be disposed of with the VGF waste. The cardboard can also go with the waste paper. If we do something, we do it right the first time. Everything for a more sustainable world.


How does using them contribute to a more sustainable world?

– Plastic-free
– Palm oil-free
– Phosphate-free
– Hypoallergenic
– Free of parabens
– Biodegradable
– Not tested on animals
– Vegan

Want more information on the good brand’s sustainable laundry strips? Feel free to contact us!

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