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Sustainable cleaning products, good for people, animals and nature, accessible and affordable to everybody, that is our goal at The Good Brand.

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Cleaning products

Are you looking for sustainable cleaning products? Would you like to clean your home responsibly? Then try the cleaning pods from The Good Brand. We are happy to contribute to a more sustainable world. Easily order the pods online through the web shop.

Cleaning in a sustainable manner

With The Good Brand’s eco-friendly cleaning products, you’ll make your home spick and span again. The cleaners consist of pods that you can add to your own reusable bottle. All you have to do besides that is fill the bottle with tap water. A quick shake and your product is ready to use. The range consists of different products for various purposes, such as:

All pods have a unique formula created especially for a specific space in your home. That way, everything will be clean!


The good brand for a green planet

The Good Brand loves our planet and makes sustainable cleaning products that contribute to it. But how do they do it? Products include:

– Single use plastic-free
– Palm oil free
– Ecological
– Biodegradable
– Trial Animal Free
– Free of water transport
– Reduces co2 emissions

The bottle is made of recycled plastic and is refillable for renewing your organic detergent. You do this easily by adding a new pod.

Refillable bottle
(made from recycled plastic)
Tap water
Less water waste

Ordering sustainable cleaning products

‘Normal’ cleaning products often consist of more than 80% water. All that has to be transported while it comes out of your tap. You can do better than that! Put a pod in the bottle, add 500 ml of water, shake it and clean! The boxes for our pods are also environmentally friendly. They are made of PaperWise which has 47% less environmental impact than regular paper and is 29% better than recycled paper.

Ordering sustainable cleaning products

Are you convinced and want to start sustainable cleaning? The pods and cleaning bottles can easily be ordered online through the web shop. Join us in the fight against environmental pollution and get started with our sustainable cleaning products.

Do you still have questions? Feel free to contact us! We are happy to help you.

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