Washing windows without streaks

Washing windows

Do you get so annoyed when you see streaks after washing windows? After weeks of procrastination, you finally decided to vacuum the windows, but now you’re looking at the streaks on your window. That’s a waste of your time. With a few handy (and sustainable) tips and tricks, we’ll help you get a clean, streak-free window.

A good start is half the work

Prepare properly when washing windows. That means not only getting your plants off the windowsill, but also having good produce on hand. For example, consider bringing sustainable cleaning products into your home. This is often just as expensive and just as effective.Check in advance if you have the following products lying around:
  • Bucket of clean, warm water
  • Glass cleaner, such as this long-lasting, concentrated glass cleaner
  • A sponge or soaker
  • A chamois
  • A microfiber cloth
  • A step for the top corners
In addition, make sure that the most thorough stains have already been removed. Bird droppings or mud are often easily removed with a cleaning cloth. This prevents you from smearing the stains all over the window while vacuuming and making your bucket of clean water too dirty. A common mistake: you use too much glass cleaner. This actually causes you to see streaks on your window. So be economical and check on the bottle what the recommended amount is. Finally, check that it is not too sunny. When the sun shines too brightly, your windows dry too quickly and you see streaks quickly.

Preparation ready? Soak it up!

Is everything ready to wash your windows? Then the sponge may go into the bucket. Dip your sponge or soaker in your water with glass cleaner and wring it out well. Soak the entire window and avoid dry, soapy spots on your window. Before vacuuming, it is important to check that there is no dust on your chamois. You can take this off with your (microfiber) cloth. We also recommend that you clean the window frames before vacuuming and sponge off most of the water. This will prevent drops from running onto your dry window. Now comes the most exciting part: in one fluid motion, try to vacuum the suds from left to right of your window. Finally, dry the frames under the window with the microfiber cloth.

The trick of window washing

Maybe you’ve seen it before: a professional window cleaner who very simply vacuums the entire window dry in one fluid motion. With some tips and a few practices, you can do this too. It is more ergonomic than vertical vacuuming and often faster. But what is the secret?
  1. Be sure that the tractor is dry and clean.
  2. Set your trigger at a 45-degree angle in the upper left corner and along the top edge from left to right pull the suds from the window.
  3. Then again, make sure your trigger is at 45 degrees in the upper right corner, but mirrored. The chamois is now turned a quarter turn. That way, you also get into the corners of the window.
  4. Then chamois down the right side of the window one lane width.
  5. Pull your chamois again 45 degrees from right to left.
  6. Repeat the steps for each lane in the window.
This technique takes some time to master, but it visibly provides faster and better results. There are also many videos online showing exactly what this technique looks like.

Sustainable window cleaning

The downside of many cleaning products is that a lot of plastic is used. Also, the plastic bottles are not reusable. The Good Brand ensures that cleaning products are sustainable and affordable. With an ecological and biodegradable capsule, you can keep refilling bottles. Mix the capsule with 500ml of water and your bottle of detergent is full again. That’s how you get streak-free, clean windows without the guilt.
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