Tips Bathroom Cleaning

Bathroom cleaning: 4 tips

It may take some effort to take the first step to clean the bathroom. Still, this is a chore you should not forget. The bathroom is often the place where you start or end your day. Showering, brushing teeth, shaving: all these rituals happen in the bathroom. Since it gets plenty of use, you want to keep this space clean. Of course, you want to prevent dirty bacteria and mold from growing in it. Therefore, give your bathroom a regular cleaning. The Good Brand is happy to help you with this. In this blog we give you 4 tips for cleaning the bathroom.

Tip 1: The shower curtain

Washing the shower curtain is something that is often forgotten. We recommend that you wash the curtain in the washing machine at least once every three months. Make sure not to wash the curtain at more than 40 degrees, otherwise the curtain may melt. An additional tip: opt for laundry strips! This type of detergent is a sustainable alternative to conventional detergents and contains no harmful substances. This way you easily contribute to a more sustainable planet.

Tip 2: Don’t forget the joints

The joints of the bathroom are places where dirt quickly collects. If the grout is not kept clean, it will eventually discolor. Not to mention, in the long run, mold can develop. Therefore, you don’t want to forget about this spot. There are a number of ways to clean grout. We recommend mixing natural vinegar with some water. Then spray this mixture on the grout and let it soak in for half an hour. After this, rub the mixture into the joints with a sponge and rinse the wall with water. That way your bathroom will be a lot cleaner again!

Tip 3: Clean the sink and shower simply and quickly

Because of the moisture released in the bathroom, the materials in this room hold just a little more dirt. Use a bathroom cleaner to keep the larger areas of the bathroom clean. For example, spray the all-purpose cleaner on the bathroom tiles. Wet your sponge or microfiber cloth and then wipe the tiles. After cleaning, these surfaces will be shiny and clean again.

Tip 4: Mirrors

The best way to clean mirrors is the same as how you clean windows. Spray a little glass cleaner on the mirror and then clean the mirror with a sponge or microfiber cloth. To avoid stains, it is best to dry the mirror with a microfiber cloth afterwards. Do you still see streaks now? Fold a wad of newspaper, wet it a little and wipe it over the streaks. This will really make your mirror glass clear again!

Bathroom cleaning tips

We hope to have gotten you started with these bathroom cleaning tips. The Good Brand is happy to help you clean everything in your home. And we do this honestly and responsibly. We are not just about green words, but green deeds. By buying your cleaning products from us, you can do your part. So you can shop without guilt. Do you have questions about our cleaning tips or would you like more information about our sustainable products? Feel free to contact us. We helpen u graag.
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