Reduce plastic consumption

Plastic is one of the biggest polluters of our planet. Do you want to do your bit for a more sustainable world and use less plastic? The Good Brand gives you 8 practical tips to reduce plastic. From reusable bags to sustainable cleaning, discover our tips and start today! Do you have any other tips? Let us know on Instagram.

8 tips to use less plastic

Did you know that small steps can make a lot of difference? We give you some tips.
  1. Use reusable bags, cups and bottles. This is probably the simplest way to save plastic. By using a reusable bag, cup or bottle, you can quickly save hundreds of plastic bags, cups or bottles per year.
  2. Use reusable straws. Nowadays, there are more and more alternatives to plastic straws available. For example, choose straws made of bamboo, glass or metal.
  3. Use your own shopping bag to reduce plastic. Another advantage: linen or cotton bags tend to be sturdier.
  4. Say no to plastic cutlery. Plastic cutlery is often used only once so it ends up right in the trash after use. Avoid this by using reusable cutlery.
  5. Use glass jars to use food in.
  6. Buy wooden toys. These types of toys are a lot more durable than plastic toys. Wooden toys are less likely to break down, making them last for years.
  7. Separate GFT to use fewer garbage bags.
  8. Wash and clean with products from The Good Brand. Our laundry strips are completely plastic-free. The bottles for our cleaning products are reusable and made of 100% recycled plastic.

Greener, greener, greenest: support our mission

The Good Brand believes in green, greener, greenest. We remain committed to a sustainable world and want to make our products as friendly as possible to people, animals and planet. Do you support our mission? Then shop our sustainable products in our webshop now.
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