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Blend of wild flowers

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Bees make a very large contribution to the quality of life on the earth. 75% of food crops must be pollinated by insects. a.o. thanks to the bees, humans can enjoy an extensive range of fruits and vegetables. Without it, we would miss out on many fruits and vegetables. Let’s reward the bees and bumblebees with an ample habitat of pollen and nectar sources.

makes the bee and us happy! The seed consists of a colorful and fertile mix of flax, cornflower, poppy, chamomiles and other wild flowers that occur naturally in our landscape. A flowery whole that both the bee and we are in love with.


  1. The seed is enough for a 60 x 20 cm pot. Fill the flowerpot with organically fertilized potting soil. (e.g. take a leftover from your garden)

  2. Sow the seed evenly on the top layer of the soil. not too close together and press the seeds lightly into the soil. If necessary, sprinkle a small layer of soil over the seed.

  3. Water and place the pot outside in a sunny area. The first weeks you need to water regularly and the seeds will hatch slowly. Once the plants have emerged, regular watering is no longer important, but then stick to a schedule – depending on the heat – of every few days depending on the drought/heat.

  4. The bees invite themselves for a tasty meal and thus pollinate the flowers. When the flowers are pollinated, the petals fall and the plant begins to make seeds. You can let the seeds dry on the earth or you can collect them, dry them and keep them in the tin for the next flowering season. Even more fun is to scatter them in your garden, on your balcony or in your frontage garden to create more hotspots for bees and a flowery society!Let’s seed happiness!

Blend of wild flowers

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