Laundry Sheets

Wash away your troubles

Our laundry sheets are magical! They disappear in the wash, and take the dirt with them. The sheets are biodegradable, so your concerns about our planet disappear too. It’s magic.


Toilet paper spray

The new wipe hype!

The Good Brand presents Buddy. Your new friend on the toilet. No more polluting wet wipes – everything you flush should be natural! Simply spray on the toilet paper and wipe yourself a clean, fresh backside. Cleans, moisturizes and softens.

Cleaning pods

Naturally clean...

Sustainable cleaning products, good for people, animals and nature, accessible and affordable to everybody, that is our goal at The Good Brand.

Always striving to improve, green words are nice but we at The Good Brand aim higher: we like to make dreams come true. We do not just pay lip service but try to do well for our planet!


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Every year we select a good cause to support and we would love to hear from you what good cause you’d want us to help. So if you have a great truly sustainable project please let us know!


Most dishwasher detergents contain substances that are harmful to the environment and not good for your. These substances are not strictly needed in the formula and could be avoided.
In September 2022 The Good Brand launches environmentally friendly dishwasher tablets.
Our tablets are 95% biodegradable, contain RSPO certified palm oil, have the EU Ecolabel and are vegan certified.

Wet toilet tissues are nice to use and hygienic but have a very bad impact on the environment. Simply apply our spray to toilet paper. Buddy Toilet paper spray cleans and softens your skin carefully Good for your bum and the environment!
Buddy Toilet Paper Spray is hypoallergenic, vegan and ecocert certified. Available from May 2022.

Floor cleaner
Hand soap