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Durable bathroom cleaner

Sustainable bathroom cleaner contributes to a greener planet. And let that be the very mission of The Good Brand. We believe it is important to do our part to contribute to a sustainable world. Starting with everyday activities such as cleaning your bathroom.

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Cleaning with eco bathroom cleaner

What makes The Good Brand’s eco bathroom cleaner so sustainable? First, the bottle, made of recycled plastic, is transported without water. After all, cleaning products consist of 80% water, while water comes to almost everyone just from the tap. We thought that could be better! By transporting the bottles without water, less weight remains and less fuel is used to transport the bottles. And what makes the bottle even better is that it is refillable. A win-win situation in other words!

Using the durable bathroom cleaner

After ordering the durable bathroom cleaner, go through the following steps before you can get started:

  1. Add the pod to the bottle
  2. Fill the bottle with 500ml of water
  3. Let the pod dissolve
  4. The bathroom cleaner is ready to use

The cleaner is ideal for cleaning various surfaces prone to limescale such as the shower door or mirror.

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Ordering ecological bathroom cleaner

Have we convinced you to make your daily cleaning routine more sustainable? Then easily order the ecological bathroom cleaner online in the web shop. In addition to the reusable bottle, the pods are also available separately. Useful when you want to refill the cleaner.

Do you have questions about the products? Feel free to ask them by contacting us. Together we are going for a greener planet!

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