Reduce plastic consumption

Plastic is one of the biggest polluters of our planet. Do you want to do your bit for a more sustainable world and use less plastic? The Good Brand gives you 8 practical tips to reduce plastic. From reusable bags to sustainable cleaning, discover our tips and start today! Do you have any other tips? […]

Tips Bathroom Cleaning

Bathroom cleaning: 4 tips It may take some effort to take the first step to clean the bathroom. Still, this is a chore you should not forget. The bathroom is often the place where you start or end your day. Showering, brushing teeth, shaving: all these rituals happen in the bathroom. Since it gets plenty […]

Cleaning the kitchen? 4 tips to help you do so

Recyclebare keukenreiniger

Kitchen cleaning Looking for tips on how to clean your kitchen? We spend a lot of time in the kitchen. The kitchen is a place where hygiene is important. A clean and tidy kitchen often sounds great, but in practice it is often a little different. In this article we will give you tips on […]

Sustainable cleaning tips

Eco cleaning products

Cleaning tips: sustainable cleaning For more and more people, living a more sustainable life is becoming more important. You’re already contributing to a more environmentally friendly world easier than you think. Start with sustainable cleaning. By making a few simple adjustments in the way and with the materials you clean, you can soon contribute a […]

Washing windows without streaks

Washing windows Do you get so annoyed when you see streaks after washing windows? After weeks of procrastination, you finally decided to vacuum the windows, but now you’re looking at the streaks on your window. That’s a waste of your time. With a few handy (and sustainable) tips and tricks, we’ll help you get a […]

geurloze eco wasstrips


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